Learn German with songs

So, I uploaded a course with my favorite German songs, so I’d like to share that with you, so we could learn together.
Course:Entrar - LingQ
I find very important that you use it to study.


Thanks a lot. I am a full time student in Germany so I can not devote so much time on Lingq right now as my exams are around the corner. Thus, I really appreciate these ready-made courses.

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Don’t worry, I will upload new musics soon

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good idea, thank you for that.

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You’re welcome

Thank you so much. I actually heard that learning a new language with songs may be really effective. I am trying to learn German now so I will really appreciate it if I can listen to some songs that are pronounced nicely. Thank you so much for this and I hope you also learn fast! Goodluck to all of us in this thread!

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That’s very nice, thank you. I’ll definitely try to use it.

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Buona fortuna!

Muchas gracias y también ti deseo buena suerte!

I am hooked to these german rappers. The whole album Berlin Lebt 2. is available on Youtube. I listen to their songs after having a study break. I wish I could study lyrics of the songs over here on Lingq. However, I am hard-pressed for time for creating a course on my own. German music is awesome in any case.

I will check them when I have time