Learn German with English

Chinese is my mother tongue and English is my second language. And I am learning German at LingQ now. I find Grammar is difficult because all are written in German. Can the explanation of Grammar in English.
Thanks & Regards

Hi Ada, I understand your problem - if you are starting to learn German from scratch, it may be difficult to understand how German works and some things need an explanation at the beginning. However, there are many lessons in the library that have a translation and there are the beginner series Greetings and Goodbyes, Eating Out and Who Is She, and of course there is Vera’s series “Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch”. If you ask specific questions in the forum (Ask your tutor) you can get specific feedback on grammar and sentence patterns so that you can build up your own grammar by and by. Simply ask for an explanation of a particular sentence or group of words that you find hard to understand.
It’s also important that you listen a lot and try to understand from the context by creating LingQs and as soon as you have worked through some lessons you will find out about some things yourself without needing a grammar book.
With Chinese - for which I don’t have enough time for the time being unfortunately - it took me a whole year until I started to notice patterns and found it a little easier to follow the lesson text. Learning several hundred characters also helped of course. With German you will notice a lot of similarities with English (basic vocabulary, sentence patterns, tenses), but of course it will take time until you start seeing the similarities: e.g. numbers, pronouns, many basic verbs, adjectives, nouns etc. The pronunciation is hard at the beginning but by no means as hard as Chinese pronunciation :slight_smile: Best wishes!