Learn French with me this year!


Jahrine from the LingQ team here.

I’m going to make 2020 the year I learn French.

I will be documenting my journey from B1 to conversational on the LingQ YouTube channel, new video every Friday. If I fail, not only will I have brought shame on my family name but I’ll also be fired! Just kidding!

I’m hoping these videos will be useful to anyone else learning French, or any other language, on LingQ. Maybe you’d like to join me and post your language learning journal in this new forum. If in video one you say you will make a video every two weeks, we’ll make sure you deliver. Nothing like social pressure to make you work that much harder and smash your goals!

What are your language learning goals for 2020? How can the LingQ community help you stick with them?


I guess the most important ones for me would be these (the first two from another post).

Finally make habits of using my advanced languages (German, most romance languages)
Take my first steps into Russian and Greek
Start writing a lot.

I don’t know how the lingq community can help me with reaching these particular challenges but overall, language learning has been a very rewarding hobby and the lingq community has played a big part in that.


I decided to learn German this year. My goal is to make 200 Lingqs a day for at least 6 of the 12 months this year. Then the next 6 months work on speaking.


200 Lingqs!! Awesome. That’s my goal too in Spanish- already imported a crap ton of ebooks

I am native Portuguese speaker so this year I pretend to learn Spanish and so far I learned almost five thousand words since first of January 2020 so I pretend in September speak Spanish very well.
Also I’ve learned English since August 2017 but I still have many problem with listening for instance I don’t understand radio or tv news very well and these two years and five months I only read and listening. I almost didn’t speak.
In the two language I pretend to learn forty thousand words until in December 2020.

Good luck for us.
By for now.


Just to help, ”pretend” is not the word you want. I would suggest “intend”. You intend to learn Spanish and English. I intend to learn Spanish too.


Hi Riverrun, thank you.

Good luck with this journey. If I can get my Spanish “finished” this year, then I’m going to do French in 2020 (or Russian!). I wish I “could” join you sooner, but know that I will religiously watching the videos each Friday and following your progress. Whether I can join you this year is uncertain, but I appreciate you blazing the trail for us…and doing so with a British accent! yay!


i’m still deciding on whether to really go for french this year in order to get at least to a good conversational level


How do you import books. .? Are the Linkq books.?

Click the big [+] sign top right on this page.

You should also take a look at this article How to import and study books on LingQ

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Do it! I would love the company :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’m happy you can hear my British accent. My family tell me it’s disappearing the longer I live in Canada.

Best of luck with whichever language you decide to go after when you are “finished” with Spanish… go for French :wink:


Excellent writing skills for someone who started studying English in August of 2017! The radio and TV news shows are so tough. I remember trying to watch the news in Japanese when I was learning and feeling totally defeated and hopeless. The more we listen, the more we will understand. We will get there!

Well done for the hard work you are putting in and best of luck in reaching your language goals this year. :muscle:


Wow, 200 LingQs per day! Maybe I need to take a leaf out of your book and step up my LingQ making. :thinking:

How long do you spend on LingQ each day?

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I’m so happy to hear that being part of the LingQ community has been so rewarding for you so far. Maybe you want to join me and do an intensive year of Russian or Greek? I personally would love to see how someone like you, who has a language learning process that is clearly working well, tackles Russian. To me it’s one of those languages that seems kind of impossible, but perhaps that’s because I haven’t yet learned a language outside of my mother tongue that I can comfortably converse in. This year will change that!

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Edit: “… yet learned a language outside of my mother tongue …” Yeah, without going into further details I felt the same way when I started to learn Spanish and French. Which were my first languages that I’ve learnt on my own after learning Finnish and English in school.

Sure, if you are interested in my language learning techniques and Russian learning then I have good news. The last couple of years have been a bit turbulent, but cutting to the chase I have come to the conclusion that it’s important to be active. So I’ve decided to start a website.

The main purpose would be to help learners of Finnish and Scandinavian languages but also lesser studied languages. Blogging my Russian/Greek learning would make for an interesting blog series but I can’t promise any specific timeline.


Fantastic! Post a link here when your blog is up, I would love to take a look. I’m sure learners of those languages would be interested in creating lessons with your posts too. Best of luck with it, I know how much works goes into setting up even a simple website.

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Same here. I didn’t realize you had or will have a site!

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