Salut tout le monde!
I am really happy and excited to share my youtube channel with you! Have a look, join the CHALLENGE and have fun!!
Looking forward to seeing you there :slight_smile:

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A bientôt,

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What is your channel giving that a thousand other channels aren’t giving ?

Not to be impolite but i don’t think the internet needs another video on how to say ‘bonjour’. It’s not adding anything of value to an already saturated market.

People would be better off listening to and reading enjoyable content than watching your ‘learning’ videos.

Hi Coburg! I assume that it would have been good for you to watch the video. When you talk to someone for the first time, we usually start by saying Hi or Hello! I guess that it is something that you did not learn either in English. A pity… Internet is a great opportunity to share contents. In case you are not interested in my channel, I don’t force you! :slight_smile: A bientôt!


thank you for contribution


Nope, online we don’t need to say ‘hello’. It’s not the same as talking face to face. I also wouldn’t introduce myself as a pseudonym in real life but welcome to the internet. I also assume you don’t know that coming on here just to advertise your own site is pretty much frowned upon ? You’ve been signing up to most major language forums and things like Duolingo solely to advertise your channel.

And i did watch the video.

I’m asking a genuine question - why does the French learning community need a 5 millionth video about basic things ? What do you bring that is different ? This is a genuine question and i don’t know why you seem to be so offended at it. It just seems like you’re trying to get a youtube channel going for your own personal gain because doing what everyone else is doing isn’t really adding anything.

What i’m asking is - why should i watch your channel and not the other 300 i subscribe to with the exact same information on which i’ve already watched ? What makes you different ?

If you’re struggling to answer this then i’m sorry but they’re not criticisms they’re genuine questions.

Come on, Droopy! These are not “genuine questions”. This is just your usual “schtick”: faking rigour so you can troll people and feel “superior”. Welcome to the Internet!

Just because i’m not all fake-positive about everything doesn’t make it trolling.

The definition people like you give to a ‘troll’ is ‘someone i don’t agree with’.

These are valid questions. You know they are valid questions.

Someone is advertising their services. We go there, they get ad revenue. I’m asking what they are bringing to the table that is different, that i can’t get from the other plethora of online and youtube French ‘teachers’.

The answer is ‘nothing’. And because the answer is ‘nothing’ you’d rather call me a troll than try to respond.

To expand - Easy French came along and offered something different. When they say ‘hey, watch our videos’, the have a USP.

This doesn’t. Why go to this girl’s videos when i can watch the same stuff on Learn French with Alexa ?

This is video making for the sake of video making and for a future revenue from hits and patreon (only once she gets lots of subs, at which point she will need the donations to ‘keep bringing you great content’ like conjugation tables and how to say goodnight.)

Am i cynical ? Some say yes. I prefer to say i’m realistic. Because i am. I have her motives nailed instantly and it hurts people to read it because the truth is harsh.

It’s interesting that this girl is signing up all over the internet only to advertise her services - on reddit, quora, duolingo, other people’s youtube channels, LingQ, with the exact same post every time…That’s usually called ‘spamming’ but because it’s ME that’s confronted her you ignore her motives.

You are nothing but a snake. Actually ‘snake’ might be a bit generous. Ok, you’re nothing but a weasel.

Thanks for your input. You can crawl back under your rock now.

“Not all fake positive”!?! Wow! That’s an understatement if ever there was one.
You’re all fake negative. That’s the problem

“…Just because i’m not all fake-positive about everything doesn’t make it trolling…”


“…The definition people like you give to a ‘troll’ is ‘someone i don’t agree with’…”


“…You are nothing but a snake. Actually ‘snake’ might be a bit generous. Ok, you’re nothing but a weasel…You can crawl back under your rock now…”

Really, who could possibly think that this guy is a troll?


Yes, HAHAHA, because PrinzPooBeard (sorry, can’t keep up with the all the racist/poop-themed name changes your identity goes through), He is the REAL arbiter of how to learn French. He’s posted more insults here within these forums than words he’s learned in French.

To quote the man: “The truth is harsh” Wouldn’t want to be fake-positive to people don’t play nice to others.

Again, to quote you, I’m just being “genuine”, as genuine as you are when you call people snakes and weasels. (Roll eyes)

‘racist’ ?

And sorry who are you ? Why do you think your opinion is relevant ? It’s not. You’re not.

I can do fake-loser-positive too. Watch:

OMG OP thanks so much for this very useful and informative video series. I’m on a website learning French via READING and yet didn’t know how to say hello and goodbye. Very useful information there. I’ll make sure i add your videos to my routine because it wouldn’t be a waste of time at all. I also see you copy and pasted the same message on around a dozen other sites, under your very first post on those sites too. That’s awesome that you’re networking like that. Keep up the good work.

See for normal people with fully functional brains, this is called ‘being fake’. Just taking something with the consensus of ‘good’ and seeing it as such without actually thinking about anything or analysing anything is what idiots do.

Instead, people with brains, like me, looked at her video and went ‘hang on, this is the same as those 100 other videos i’ve already seen, what’s the point in watching it ? It’s the same stuff.’

And then god forbid anyone actually ASK the owner of this business why we should use their product over the millions of already existing identical ones.

Are you the sort of person that buys a new car when there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your current car because you can’t see the lies in marketing ?

Actually scrap that, i bet you’re not old enough to drive.

You two are like a couple of old women. The gatekeepers of LingQ’s forum, deciding what can and can’t be put on here.

Girl signs up in order to post spam. I question said links and said spam.

I’M in the wrong ?

No. I’m not. Again, you two gimps are just having at me because you don’t like what i post in other threads, completely ignoring what the op is doing here. That makes you a couple of weasels.

If this were a thread about losing weight via pills with a link i don’t think anyone would question any reaction, but because it’s language related spam it’s ok because the mighty gatekeepers say it’s ok.

You know i’m a fast typer. I pop on here for like 2 or 3 minutes every day, write what i want, then leave. You two sad acts spend all your time on here, policing everyone, complaining to moderators, trying to influence everyone elses opinion on anything you see fit. Replying endlessly to my comments because you can’t bare to not be involved in anything that goes on on ‘your’ forum. You are literally a couple of losers.

I bet you two would cheer the death of someone purely because their politics abhorred you. You’re those kind of people.


If there were any ‘gatekeepers’ around here, my friend, you probably wouldn’t have been allowed to bombard other LingQers with insults and racist bigotry using multiple accounts for the last couple of years. Just saying.

“…You know i’m a fast typer. I pop on here for like 2 or 3 minutes every day, write what i want, then leave…”

Oh I seeeeeee. The lengthy vulgar outpourings are all typed like veritable greased lightning!

That means you spend less time here - honestly!