Learn Finnish 1 course missing many lessons?

I have a question about the Finnish course “Learn Finnish 1” that contains currently 3 lessons. I have read and processed the lessons and all new words in it. They contain no blue words anymore, but the course says it still contains around 3500 blue words (3429). So I wonder: should this course contain a lot more lessons? Were lessons deleted? If so, why?

The point is that this course is particularly well crafted and has an increasing degree of difficulty. It’s level is beginner 2, and it really helps.

Can anyone see if lessons from this course were deleted?

That course actually has 36 lessons, but user who imported it has shared only 3 lessons so far. I’ll check with them if he can share the rest of them too.

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Thank you very much. I am indebted!

I … may have stumbled on a way around it. Although I am not convinced this was intended. Maybe it was and the original user just shared the whole course. Let me explain.

I was editing an erroneous story in this course, when I saw the complete list of 36 lessons on the right. Of course I assumed I would not be allowed to import any of them, but I clicked lesson number 4 and lo and behold! I now have lesson number 4. Of course, I guess sharing is better, but at least I have a way around the non-sharing for the moment.

Hopefully, I am not doing anything against the law, but I guess if I can import it should be ok, right?

P.S. I still have to try the sound, hopefully it will work.