Learn Chinese from Chinese tea culture

Developed throughout its 5000-year history, Chinese culture is one of the world’s oldest and most splendid cultures. Now many people are learning Chinese, and Chinese culture is an important part for learners to understand and learn Chinese .
Let us take Chinese tea culture as an example:

Chinese tea culture refers to the methods of preparation of tea, the equipment used to make tea and the occasions in which tea is consumed in China. The Chinese language terms chayi “Art of Tea 茶艺” and “Tea Ceremony” have been used, but the term “Tea Culture茶文化” includes more than just the ceremony. Also “culture” is easier to translate into English from the Chinese language term “art 艺”.

There is a variety kind of tea in China. Do you want to know some typical tea? Here you will get them. And hope you will get some ideas and wishes to learn Chinese culture flexibly.
西湖龙井 West Lake Longjing Tea
玫瑰红茶 Rose Black Tea
碧螺春 Biluochun Green Te
桂花红茶 Osmanthus Black Tea
乌 龙 茶 Oolong Tea
铁观音 Tie Guan Yin Tea