Learn about Russian culture from the 'Russian Schoolboys' YouTube channel

For those of you interested in Russian culture, here are some videos in English from the ‘Russian Schoolboys’, available now on YouTube. They currently have three videos.

Learn how to squat like a real Russian gopnik.

Watch the Russian Schoolboys build themselves a Cheeki Breeki Computer.

Learn about the capabilities of a gopnik phone.

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I always wonder why the foreigners are interested first of all in the underground subculture of the Russian teenagers, but not in the real Russian culture of Pushkin, Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov!..

Just because gopniks are part of MODERN “culture” :slight_smile:

It is not a culture, it is a teenager’s subculture of not a good quality.
It is like I will be going along the streets of Lonrdon looking for ‘skinheads’ and not paying attention to a real city, real English people, real Enhlish style of life.

By the way I’m sure those Russian boys are not real gopniks. They are just kidding.

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Yep, it’s meant to be funny.

I don’t know if foreigners are interested more in this kinda stuff instead of Pushkin, Tolstoy, and others. My progress in Russian is very slow, but I look forward to reading some of these books.

Still, I wonder what fraction of people in Russia have read these authors significantly beyond what they were forced to read in school. Probably quite a small fraction. For a foreigner, it is often more interesting to know what life in Russia is really like. Most people don’t sit around after work reading Tolstoy and admiring paintings from Russian artists. Learning about Russian ‘culture’, as I guess you would define it, would tell me very little about life in Russia. Of course, I also don’t learn anything by watching videos of Russian teenagers making fun of gopniks. That was just for fun.

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I always wonder why foreigners are always interested in TV shows like Friends or Game of Thrones, and not in the real English/American culture of Shakespeare, Milton, and Melville.

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After 7 months in Saint Petersburg, the so-called cultural capital, I gotta say it’s a pretty small fraction that still truly cares about “high” Russian culture. In my observation of people on the metro, I mostly see them reading pop-fantasy novels, if they are reading at all. They read the same things people everywhere else read, essentially. Perhaps things were different 30 years ago, I am told that they were.

I think there is a certain idea that it shows class to go to museums, so you see lots of scantily dressed women with flowers on dates with their Adidas-clad boyfriend at the Hermitage and the Russian Museum, and they look quite bored, both of them. I hope they go to a club after and have a good time doing something they know how to enjoy.

Wow, you’d have to be very brave to type ‘Russian schoolboys’ into google.

Probably half their views come from people searching for ‘Russian schoolgirls’.

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How to play Pokemon GO like a true Slav.

BTW I’m saddened to see that the duck billed platypus has deleted his account! (Why people do that instead of simply downgrading to free is rather a mystery.)

Yeah, it’s a bit strange. You can just stop paying and not log in if you don’t want to use the account anymore.

Actually, I regularly delete my account on Reddit and make new ones. I don’t post anymore online with my real name, except here. Too worried about some progressive trying to get me fired if I disagree with them online somewhere.