Learn a language from scratch on Lingq?

Is it possible to learn a language from scratch on Lingq? Has anyone tried this?

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Yes. Lots of posts about this on the forum if you search around.


Yes, it’s possible. But I recommend you to combine listening and reading some simple lessons on Lingq with
a text book, i.e. Assimil.


I think there was a post fairly recently…past couple of months or so. I tried to find it but couldn’t.

It’s dependent somewhat on the language. But at the very least the non-beta languages there’s beginner material with basic phrases and vocabulary. All the non-beta have mini-stories that can be used as well for much of the beginner vocabulary.

Some languages have a lot of content already uploaded by others. In some languages there have been great contributors like evgueny40 who posted on this thread.

I didn’t start from scratch here, myself since I didn’t know about it until I was about a mid-beginner, but once I found it I switched over and started using LingQ more or less exclusively. Reading and listening. I also used Assimil (which I was able to import into LingQ as well), but having it for some basic grammar as well was helpful.

If I was starting a new language from scratch I would start at lingQ from the beginning.

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I hope so because that’s what im doing with french XD (I started 20 days ago) but of course I complement with other resources that I find useful (Assimil, Pimsleur, Anki and now I’m going to have so classes).

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