Leaderboard for tracking the best AI apps

Maybe you’ll find a few nuggets for (and beyond)
SLA here:

#1 Leaderboard to track the Best AI Apps
400+ AI Tools categorized & ranked by real traffic data


Do any of them (other than ChatGPT) stand out for language learners?

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Hi Caldazar,

The most interesting categories are writing and audio / voice.
As I have to test many AI tools for my company (for our newsletter, Medium blog and other marketing activities), I wanted to test other apps (like NovelAI) specifically for SLA and write about them on my private Medium page as well.

Then I’m going to share the links to these Medium posts in the LingQ forum…


Thanks! It’s always good to learn about new tools we can use to better learn languages.

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Thank you, I use GPT chat too, but unfortunately not everything is perfect, but that’s not a problem if you ask me. We can’t always do everything perfectly, but such inventions make our lives easier and save time.
is not easy for me, so I turned to professionals to help me. I believe that nowadays time is more important than ever, and therefore you shouldn’t spend it on everything at once. Now we have more opportunities to use the services of professionals who will do everything faster and better.