Le jour où tout a basculé

I’m an early-intermediate listener of French (i have thousands and thousands of words and phrases, and can read almost fluently, but my listening SUCKS) and have recently been hammering this series on youtube. There are hundreds of episodes, all at around 22 minutes each. They are ‘dramas’ played by a lot of francophone comedians for some reason which i don’t understand.

The language is not too difficult for me and they tend to speak clearly when speaking to the camera. The plots are also simple and usually revolve around just four characters which makes them easy to follow.

The acting can be horrendous, like laughably bad, but as a learning tool i’m loving it.

Just a share so any French learners can add it to their list of stuff to watch.

I’ve always wondered who could watch such tv series. Now I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s great if it can help learners though!

You might like “Petits secrets entre voisins” too.

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Cheers. And yes i can’t see francophones looking forward to their daily dose of this programme just because of how terrible the whole thing is in terms of acting and plot line but it’s some good stuff for language. The comments sections under each video are usually very entertaining too. Lots of young girls calling the actresses salopes et putes.

Thanks for the information. My listening can use work as well.

No worries.

You could try
Parents mode d’emploi.

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Excellent ! I will probably give these a watch and they look short enough to do some ‘intensive’ listening. Plus there appears to be hundreds of them.

Le Jour… came up as a suggestion on another video and when i saw the length of the video i knew it’d be part of a series and so started watching them from there.

Any other suggestions? I am up for watching anything, however bad, as long as it’s got videos with decent quality and a lot of content available on youtube etc. Subs or not, doesn’t matter.

Look for Scènes de ménages or scène de ménage. There are more than one youtube account running that one.

Cheers again !

Scènes de ménage is great! I for one love it.

I don’t know how it can be as a learning tool though. The episodes are very short, 1 minute long or so, but there are tons of them.

If you haven’t heard of “Le dessous des cartes”, you should definitely give it a shot. The videos are 12-minute long on average and very informative about a whole bunch of countries around the world. There are no subtitles but the guy speaks clearly and slowly. There is a playlist on Youtube containing 200 videos. Somehow I couldn’t paste the link here(I got some weird error) but you can just search for it.

Good god. I had no idea this show even existed. I just watched 1 episode and I get why you’d watch them it’s bad but weirdly addictive.

Probably could be used as intensive listening practice i reckon.

There’s one about a dad who pretends to have heart failure because his son won’t get married. Comedy gold !

Merci. Ces vidéos sont super !

Have u already seen C’est Pas Sorcier ? It’s good too

Is that the science show ? If so yeah i’m subbed to them on youtube. Not too difficult to understand AND has the benefit of being educational.

Yep…there are a lot of them, and you’re right, we can learn about wars, nuclear plants etc…