Le bilinguisme au Canada

Salut. Voici un article qui peut être intéressant pour quiconque qui est en train d’apprendre le français: Bilinguisme: Justin Trudeau fait amende honorable | La Presse

Je ne suis pas du tout fan de M. Trudeau, mais je trouve qu’il fait un grand effort pour constamment communiquer dans les deux langues officielles. Franchement, je crois que nous les Canadiens, nous aimons nous plaindre pour un rien.


My french isn’t very good, but It looks like their is something we actually agree on!

Je n’aime pas Trudeau aussi! Je pense, M. Kaufman dite(?) ill est un “phony”.

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I’m sure we agree on a lot.

*Je pense que M. Kauffman a dit qu’il est un “phony”.

I haven’t seen or heard him say that but it’s possible. Justin is very…particular. He’s not himself. He seems like he really wants to be Obama#2 but tries way too hard.

Still, even though he does a great job at using our two official languages as much as he can, he still gets criticized for it. Here’s an English version of this article: Justin Trudeau speaks only French at Sherbrooke town hall, despite English questions | CBC News

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There are a couple of things I want to say about this.

First of all, I think what Trudeau did and the justification behind it were wrong. If the question is in English, you should answer it in English, that’s simply called manners. If a question in French was asked in Toronto, saying “We are in a English-speaking province, so I’ll answer it in English” would be impolite. Not speaking English in Quebec does not promote French language, it just creates more divide between Quebecois people and the rest of Canada.

Same thing also goes for the national anthem. Every time, in English-speaking province, people sing national anthem in all English, I really get angry. Having a bilingual national anthem is a great asset that Canadians tend to take for granted. Even if you don’t speak French, memorize that middle verse in French in O Canada, and sing it bilingually (or vice versa). These little gestures may sound meaningless, but in the end, these will make Quebecers feel included and “Canadian”.

As for the Steve’s video… Look, I love Steve, he is a great guy who I am really happy to get to know. However, in the video, he doesn’t talk about any policies. He just seems not like the personality of Trudeau because of his politically correct language(which I am not a fan of too but it has become the biggest scapegoat in the Western politics) and his behaviour in parliament(which is really not that important other than it sounded like an opportunity for psychoanalysis in the Steve’s video). The mail that Sophie sent might be cheesy and stupid, nevertheless it would be irrational to attach great importance to that when one’s is making his mind on a politician. The only substance here was about Trudeau’s Russia policy. Canada has already put a lot of sanctions on Russia and sided with the EU-USA camp. What could Trudeau do more about that? And I am not asking this because I think he can’t do any further thing; I am just asking this because I really wanna know some specifics about it.