Layout of Forum

Something has happened to Forum’s Layout, it responds weirdly to manual zooming of a page. Sidebar is hiding behind the horizontal scroll on the right.

Oh my God layout is directly taken out from Star War movies . 90 day goals look sleek LOL. Jokes aside, I think they are working on it to make it better.

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Yeah, I’ve noticed a few styling changes the last couple days.

I’d remove the sidebar from Forum page, I think this 90 days chart makes sense under the Challenges section only.
And the sidebar inside threads too, it seems excessive, because I either browse through the main page of the Forum or I click links in the notification pop-up. While the extra space for comments would certainly make it easier to read.

And what happened to the display of the number of “likes” on a post? There’s no point in having a “like” button if no one can see the results of clicking it. Not all posts require a response, but a “like” is a good way to let the author know that he’s not talking to the wall, so to speak.


I see the numbers at least via Chrome, can’t say for Safari. Also this may be caused by old cache. If so, then Ctrl+F5 (Command+R) should help.

So here’s the bug – the number of Likes does not display in Dark mode.

Thanks for the clue. I use both Chrome and Firefox across three different platforms, and the number was missing on all. Your report made me think it must be something to do with changes in the CSS or related parts of the page layout.

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Really, I just tried this with Dark Mode and the numbers have disappeared.

Thanks, we will have that fixed.

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