L'avis de Marie permissions

I’m quite enjoying the L’avis de Marie series on here.

I’m going to upload the rest of the series but am wondering whether i have to do them private or whether i can make them public?

Can anyone confirm to me whether the permission for the original uploader was for the whole series and whether it will cover me making it public?

If not i will just upload for myself.

I contacted them and was told that I could upload them. However, I later found out that someone else on LingQ had already asked before me and was told no, after having been initially told yes. So, there seems to be some confusion among the folks who produce this series. So, I stopped uploading them.

It was Jolanda from Suisse who was told that we have not the permission to upload it. And the content creator is from Suisse as well.

Ok then i will just upload them on private. Thanks.