What are the benefits of learning Latin? Why do people learn Latin? It’s a dead language, Right?

For example you can become a pope. :))

You can read the classics, learn the mechanisms many modern languages are based on, broaden your mind. And, anyway, a language that has so many web communities of speakers and even a news bulletin on the radio is not really dead.

The benefits of learning any language come mostly from the discovery of a new world of human creativity and social interaction, as expressed by a unique language.

About 1500 of European history is written almost exclusively in Latin?

Should that be 1500%?

Not just history, but old books on religion, philosophy, medicine, science. Latin is really helpful if you want to discover the Philosopher’s stone and make the Elixir of Life.

opps… " 1500 years " : /

Lingua Latina est lingue de sapiende et dogmatica. Now lets hope that came out right…
No but really, what Steve said and that it’s fun.