Latin - English Dictionary

Since I don’t know whether the Latin<->Italian dictionary I mentioned in another thread (Latin - Italian Dictionary - Language Forum @ LingQ) will be added or not, I would be (almost) equally satisfied with this Latin-English dictionary: (

  • It has 39.000 entries, more than the Latin-Italian dictionary
  • It is clean and fast, and is not as cumbersome to use as Google Translate
  • It runs queries with URLs
  • It has a Firefox-compatible search-engine add-on.

Still, I would prefer the Latin-Italian one, but I’ll be patient.

I’ve now added this dictionary in. I wasn’t entirely sure what to call it, so it now goes under the name of “Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid”.

It’s a dictionary by the University of Notre Dame, maybe it could be named “Notre Dame Latin - English”. Thanks for the support.

OK, done!