Latest Update Issue

I am studying Japanese and some of the kanji have changed to Chinese characters. It seems to have occured around the same time as the latest software update. It is happening on the website and on the app (I use an android samsung device). I can’t find a way to change it back.

Here is a screenshot

Honest question, all these updates, half the time something breaks, is this stuff not tested beforehand before actually pushing the update live?

Sorry to say, but im getting a little bit frustrated with all the silly bugs and problems, 2 days ago i tried opening some lesson and spent 20 minutes trying to find it on android and ended giving up, for some reason the lesson didn’t show even though the search term was correct


Hi Peter, I’m not too sure what you mean… That lesson looks fine to me (mind you, someone who’s better at reading would be able to tell for sure). Do you mean their meanings have changed, when you look them up?

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Hi Eric, the meanings have not changed, just some of the characters. It is not a major problem, however if your studying Japanese, it would be more beneficial to study Kanji rather than Chinese characters.

Don’t the Kanji come from Chinese characters??? I’m confused on what you are saying here.