Latest IOS fixes create more problems

A few of us wrote recently about words being chopped in the middle instead of ‘wrapping’ correctly on the iPhone screen. This issue was ‘fixed’ - by being replaced by a letter and word limit, such that the term was limited to a display of 7 letters (not much use in Russian) and the phrase to a certain number of words.

The term issue is now ‘fixed’, but the phrase issue is not: in fact, both the phrase and the hint are now subject to word count limits. In addition, it is now apparent that if you try to make any edit at all to the LingQ on the iPhone, the entire hint is instantly deleted, leaving you having to get to a laptop in order to re-load a hint.

To be honest, the LingQ App for iPhone worked well a few upgrades ago but is now edging towards being unusable. It was ever thus with IT, eh? Endless unsolicited updates that make things worse.

I’m really sorry for the trouble here. We’re working on a big update at the moment, and doing our best to get things finished up so we can launch it soon. The thing that makes building apps in iOS difficult is that, if a bug is found in the current version, we have to fix it then submit a new version for Apple to approve. It isn’t until the app is approved by Apple that we can publish it. Lately it’s been 7-9 days, on average, from the day that we submit a new version of the app to Apple until they approve it for publishing.

I’ve noted down these issues, and will ensure these are given proper attention. We will also be testing aggressively to hopefully catch as many issues as possible. The new version will offer some significant performance improvements, and will bring us closer to an app which will be both slicker and simpler to use.

In the meantime, if you notice any other issues in the current version of the app please let us know and we’ll be sure to get them fixed in the next version!