Latency issue

hey there
so lingq is responding very slowly
i checked my internet as well and its working fine
is this something related to the back end ?
each lesson is taking longer to load with each sentence taking longer to show its translation

any tips to fix this ?

You should mention where you are seeing the issue (android, ios, web, or all). It might be easier for them to help.

Loading a lesson - this was usually taking a while…maybe 10-20 seconds on each platform. With the most recent update in android it seems to be opening a LOT quicker (I just tried now). Like 5 seconds. Web seems to be taking the same amount of time. I even opened a lesson I’d never opened before to make sure it wasn’t cached on the device.

Translate sentence is usually about a second or less. Occasionally it may take a few seconds, but that’s pretty rare.

Sorry to hear that! As @ericb100 wrote, please let us know are you using web or app version and what browser in case you are on the web.

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i am using the web app right now
my main concern is the translation and the sounds coming in slowly than they were
i am on chrome right now
let me know what steps i need to take
thank you

hey there zoran
just checking
any update ?

I’ve had the same slowness issue using Chrome. The statistics page remains grey and at 0 for quite a while and the text to speech can take several minutes to play the word. This seems fairly intermittent and random as sometimes it works fine.

@bisman Do you still have the same issue?

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it has improved by a ton
a lil lag in the sounds when revising lingqs of the day through flash cards but overall better
what was the issue ?

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Great, glad to hear it. I am not really sure what was the problem, our developers would know, but glad it’s sorted out.