Late LingQ's of the Day Notification

Is it possible for the LingQ’s of the Day notification to pop up earlier? I use the web version of LingQ and I only get the notification for the LingQ’s of the day at around 10:30 am or later or not at all. Is it possible to have that time be around 7 am instead?

Also, how does one access notifications on the mobile app? I mainly use the web version because I don’t know how to access LingQ’s of the Day on the mobile app.

Thanks for any help.

Sorry but you can’t manually select the receiving time of Daily LingQs. They are sent automatically to everyone at the same time.
On the mobile app, go to the Vocabulary tab and under the filters there you will find the “SRS Due” where you can select Daily LingQs for each day.

Got it. Thank you.