Languages without dictionaries

It’s come to my attention that some dictionaries simply don’t work with LingQ due to the way they operate. This is a shame because we are missing some great resources. Unfortunately, there’s no easy fix to this problem.

Something I’ve noticed also is that for some languages, there are no dictionaries at all which will interface with LingQ. This is a much bigger problem. For some of these languages, there is Google translate, but it’s not of very good quality. User hints could be useful, but only those who are past the beginner stage and know where to get the definitions will give good hints.

Perhaps there is the possibility to do something about this. My idea is: a project, started by users which aims at creating dictionaries.

Personally, I’m not a coder, but I’ve got some ideas for layout and features. Also, I’d be quite happy to work on several languages, adding definitions. This need not be a project which will take up too much time away from language learning and other activities. I think that we could find an open source tool and adapt it for this purpose, keeping the code in the wild for others to profit from. Within my means, I’d also be able to pay for some of the cost of hosting, once the project starts to get enough hits.

So, tell me if I’m crazy or not. What do you think?

I wonder if your efforts would be better directed at improving upon an already existing dictionary. I know that does something similar, albeit with everything from or two German or English, but I wonder how long it would actually take for you to set up an interface to (1) search the dictionary and (2) submit and review translations…

In terms of LingQ members, the most beneficial activity might be to simply create hints for others. Essentially, this is creating a dictionary for your selected language combination and the infrastructure is already there. I do realize that this limits the people who can then contribute…

Most dictionaries do not have definitions for certain forms of verbs, etc. That’s one thing that I thought that such a project could do well.

No worries.