Languages of the past

Could you guys get old languages (e.g. Low/High Old/Middle English/French/German/Welsh/Norse etc.) and other archaic languages on LingQ? Thanks!

Basically any language that Tolkien would’ve been interested in. Quenyan and Sindarin and all the other languages would also be cool :wink:

Well, there has been a ‘beta languages’ thing happening on LingQ for about the last year but that’s been stopped for the moment so the developers can work on fixing bugs and getting some needed features on the site. So, for now they won’t come to the site, but it’s possible that they will be added at a later point.

I suggest studying these languages in another slot. You’ll have to import your own materials and most texts won’t have audio. Also, you’ll have to use external dictionaries. You’ll need a basic account to be able to really do this because the import limit is 5 texts. In any case, it’s possible.

Yirtse, it has not been stopped! They just changed the rules to make it more difficult to have languages added. The Facebook poll is still there (, but now they won’t add the most voted language every month. Instead, a language must obtain 1000 votes to be added.

True. It has not been stopped but the way it used to work has.

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