Languages for LingQ definitions


Could Finnish and Esperanto be added to the list of languages for definitions of words in the language drop-down list of the LingQ editor?

We’re actually not looking to add any more dictionary/interface languages at this time.

I think I worded that badly. I mean hint languages. Should I refrain from putting a hint in another language under English, or should I put them under a less-used language?
The best Esperanto dictionary is Esperanto-Esperanto or Esperanto-Finnish, so copying the looked-up definitions to the hint field will pollute the hint pool.

Hint language and dictionary language are tied together by default, but you can change your hint language for each individual LingQ.

Since all hints will be displayed to other users too, it’s best to use the appropriate hint language when saving LingQs. :slight_smile: Esperanto isn’t supported as a dictionary/hint language.

OK, thanks!

@keke_eo - No promises but we may look at adding Finnish so that our Finnish members have a place to put hints in their own language. No promises but we’ll try to add it when we can fit it in. We are unlikely to add Esperanto since it has no native speakers. The main idea of identifying the hint language is so that others with the same native language can benefit. However, an “other” option in the hint language list might make sense… We’ll let you know if and when we do something there.

Thanks guys for your consideration! Keep up the good work and thanks for other nice recent improvements, such as 200 words per page on vocabulary page.

Even though I can’t really stand Esperanto (sorry Esperantists but it’s just not for me), I have to mention that there are indeed some native speakers of the language. But yeah, they going to be on LingQ? haha

I like the idea of ‘other’.

The best Esperanto dictionary online is Esperanto-Esperanto. That’s why I requested it. “Other” would do the trick and be used more.