Language Tools Cantonese Conversations has a series of 100 conversational dialogues that I imported into LingQ for my own study at a later date. They are free and accessible on the languagecrush site and appear to be community created as far as I can tell…Does anyone know if I can share this imported content on LingQ or if it is under some form of copyright protection?

Additionally, if I was able to share them, I don’t have time to clean them up right now as I’m not actively studying them; fixing character grouping, aligning audio to text at sentence level, etc…Is roughly imported content still worth sharing or should it be ‘cleaned up’?

The following types of content can be shared on LingQ:

  • created by yourself
  • Public Domain
  • compatible Creative Commons license (i.e. allows commercial use)
  • the copyright holder has given permission to share their content on LingQ
    Other types of content, for example proprietary or incompatibly licensed material, are supposed to be shared as “external” lessons, i.e. links. This is only available to librarians.

Of course I cannot speak for LingQ and I’m not familiar with ‘languagecrush’. But the best way would probably be to ask them for permission. That way there are no surprises down the road.

If I remember correctly “HamBaangLaang” only relented after prolonged negotiations, lead by Constantine from LingQ. Following that, I shared some of their content, now a long time ago. But I plan to complete this task and have their complete catalogue available somewhere next month.

I don’t think there are hard rules regarding editing. I don’t know how bad it is, maybe someone from the community will fix them once their public.
But I think the proper solution has to be at the technical level, that includes the word splitter and the audio timestamp function. Both can hardly be called functional. I would appreciate it if you could make a feature request or complaint, that way the situation might improve some day. In my opinion it is not sustainable for volunteers to spend hours editing that could be spent studying.

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Sharing imported content from on LingQ may be subject to copyright considerations. It’s essential to check the terms of use or licensing on the LanguageCrush website to understand whether sharing the content is allowed.

If you do decide to share, providing clean and organized content enhances the learning experience for others. However, even roughly imported content can be valuable if it helps learners access and engage with new material. Transparency about the content’s state and encouraging users to contribute improvements can also be a helpful approach. :globe_with_meridians::books:

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