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i have noticed that when in conversation my language learning comes up people are all to happy to tell me the way to do that. some might say “talk from day one”, “grammar is important”, “you need to be in the country”. whatever the opinion, people often seem convinced that it’s the only true way. What do the rest of you think of this?

Hi Patrick, this is the age-old discussion among language learning experts! :wink:

The philosophy of LingQ is that you should start to gain a lot of vocabulary first by listening and reading. In this way you can understand more of what people say and when you start speaking you will also be able to talk about a wide variety of topics (or at least much faster).
Grammar should sink in automatically on the way, but you may review now and then so you increase your ability to notice patterns in the language.

And thus I think it’s safe to say that most of us here agree that this is the way to learn, because LingQ is build based on this philosophy.


thanks for the commercial, but im already a member:-)
i do like it when people give advice. especialy if its from personal experience, but in the end you have to figure out your own way.

The people who are all too happy to give you this advice, are they successful L learners at all?

If they are, I think that’s IN SPITE of ‘talk from day one, grammar and just being in the country’.

It sounded like random smartass monolinguals were telling you what to do. But maybe that’s just my own experience. That the most clueless people are the loudest :wink:

Grammar, listening, reading, writing, and comprehension are all important, but for me communication is the thing I am after. Any strategy, approach, and/or method that you set up for you that works is good. As for me, time within the language is key. I like setting up my own approach, and for me LingQ allows me to do that.

Almost 100 000 in Spanish on here. kristiansand you are a beast :stuck_out_tongue:

My own experience with language learning is doing something that you’ll enjoy doing. For me, is the listening the reading on and off the lingq website. I also enjoy watching shows, movies, and youtube videos. I often take breaks during the day about an 1 hour break to cool off my laptop, and go eat and be with my family a bit. About grammar, I don’t worry too much with it at the beginning, because it is demotivating. But later on I get in to some bits and pieces of grammar for better usage of the language. So, my advise is just do what you enjoy doing, whether is reading, writing, listening, speaking, learning grammar tables. It won’t matter what it might be, if you enjoy it you’ll obviously learn the language in the end.

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