Language Teacher or No?

I have recently started a new job and have found out that my new company supports people that want to learn a new language ( very interesting I thought ) I told them that I would like to learn french once I have reached an acceptable level in Spanish ( I know I am far away but I will get there ) but I feel like if I was to get myself a personal tutor ( basically I would choose a tutor myself or a class and my company would pay for it ) I would not want to get a teacher and have him/her asking me to remember tables of words and conjugations and studying grammar I would very quickly lose interest in leaning French all together.

If any of you lovely Lingers had the opportunity to have a personal tutor would you and why?

any advise on what you would do if you had the same opportunity.

Muchas gracias todos.

Yes, I would love to have this opportunity, but do not rely too heavily on a teacher. This is a good way to practice and reinforce what you learn, but you still will have to do most of the work on your own.

Good Luck!

Is there any reason why you can’t use the program now for learning Spanish rather than waiting for French?

The tutor I would pick would be someone who you could take specific questions to, correct your writing samples, speak with and have them give you a report of your mistakes (like they do at LingQ), etc. I wonder if they would even pay for your LingQ subscription and other activities here?

I’ve never had a private tutor but I have taken intensive group classes in French (and I also taught such classes in English) and I still think there’s value in classroom learning, although not everyone here will agree with that. You can easily tailor your lessons with your tutor to your own needs. If you don’t want a heavy grammar focus, make that clear from the outset. You could specifically request that the focus be on conversation instead, if that’s what you want. In any case, I certainly think the opportunity to have free lessons with a tutor can be very beneficial if you agree on goals and the type of tutoring you want at the beginning.


I would use a teacher if it were free, just to get speaking practice in. I wouldn’t use a teacher for anything else as language can’t be taught.

Well being completely honest, I am only able to have this bonus once I have passed my 6 month probation and I’m hoping by then that my Spanish will be a lot lot better and will more than likely not need a tutor where as French I will still be studying on Lingq but I would maybe have tutor also as it would be basically free

Okay, when it that case, I would proceed thusly: see if you can tailor your tutor/teacher experience to what you want at that point in your language learning. Hopefully, you are allowed to make the tutor function like they do with Steve and/or on LingQ generally which is that you can speak with them and then they give a report of things you haven’t used correctly or otherwise need to improve. Alternatively, it could be something that you could bring questions to regarding things YOU believe you need more work on. You may still be working on Spanish at that time. If you are, you can bring advanced questions or just focus on speaking. if you are working on French, you can maybe focus on questions you have. Either way will work, I believe.

That’s a great opporunity you have. Do you prefer to observe more than you actively participate in group classes? What do you think you would enjoy more–one on one with a tutor/teacher or being part of a group of people taking a class together with one teacher? I would use a one on one teacher, and I would create or co-create the lesson plans with the teacher. I would learn the grammar and script on my own. I would use books and online resources to teach myself, but I would use the teacher for conversation and to correct my writing and pronunciation. No matter what you decide, I have no doubt you will make the best of it! Best wishes!!

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very good idea when the day comes I will implement this

The path you would enjoy most is the one that will reap you the most reward. :slight_smile: There are so many different paths–because even with a class or a one-on-one teacher–most of your language learning will/should happen outside of the classroom, outside the one-on-one sessions.