Language similar: Spanish, Italian, French?

question for linguists. Spanish language similar to Italian? or in French?
Heard the expression that is similar to Italian to French.
What do you think?
I just can not decide which of these three languages ​​to start learning the first. I like them all equally.

I speak French and Spanish, not Italian but I understand a lot of Italian which tells me that especially Italian and Spanish are very closely related. The choice which one to learn is of course your’s alone.

“Italian is the most beautiful sounding language”

Well, I kind of prefer the sound of Spanish, but as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And I prefer French. How’s that for subjectivity!

I think all three languages are beautiful and they are very similar to each other. I have studied all three of them and find that Spanish is the one which may be the “easiest” to start with. If you really like all three languages, then I’d suggest you start with Spanish (one of the reasons being that it is so widely spoken as a mother tongue that you can meet with lots of people from many different countries and experience different cultures). Good luck with your studies. I am sure you’ll enjoy them.

In terms of vocabulary French and Italian are close to each other, and Spanish and Portuguese are close. In terms of pronunciation, as pointed out, Italian and Spanish are closer. Spanish may be easier and is spoken by more people, but you will have the greatest success with the language you are most motivated to learn. I would also concentrate on one for at least 6 months and then start to dabble in the others.

Thank you all for your answers

I’m brazilian and I can understand all in spanish,Italian but French is very different language.

My grandmother who was Italian told me that she could understand basic Spanish when it was spoken at a slow pace to her without having to study the language. She of course couldn’t speak back in Spanish, but I’m sure the reverse would probably be true.

ad Centigua:
Well, I don’t speak any Portuguese (unfortunately). I understand quite a bit when I read it but very little when I hear it spoken.

I find that French is very similar to both Italian and Spanish. Of course, the pronunciation is different but I find it much easier to master than Portuguese pronunciation for example. As all of the languages mentioned here are Romance languages you are bound to find many similarities in one way or the other.