Language Related Jobs

Do you have language related jobs? What kind of the job do you have?
If so, I would like to hear your experience of how you get this job.
I’m very interested in the way to learn languages effectively . I have never been a student in language related major, though. English broadened my world and I love acquiring English. I also want to study another language, but due to school, I can’t get into it right now.
My English level is at C1 level according to TOEIC. I studied abroad in Australia for only 9 months. I’m thinking to transfer to foreign language university if I need it to get language related jobs.
I’m especially curious about creating language textbook or resource currently.
I’m looking forward to your message.

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Steve in one of his videos said, that it is important to be good in something else except language learning. If your only qualification is that you speak 3 or 4 languages, you will hardly find a job anywhere. I personally study chemistry and material science to become an engineer. In this way I can use my passion for language learning to work in an international company later on. If you want to work directly in the “language learnig industry”, I unfortunately can´t give you any advice

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Well, get a master degree in English and you can teach as a teacher either in school or with more experience at an university level. That’s what my German-American English teachers do at a German university. They had finished their master degree in the USA and gained some experience in the field and then later on they were relocated to Germany and now they are teaching at a German university. Above all, follow your dream and heart instead of living someone else’s dream. Teaching job is very interactive and as you said, you will be using English like a pro and most of the time.

ilovelanguages7, are you active on Reddit? The “language learning” subreddit there is excellent for this type of discussion. (Note it isn’t for single language discussion, they list the separate language subreddits on the side of the page.) Maybe browsing past posts would give you some good input on this topic as well.

I see. You mentioned an interesting point. Thanks.

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I got it. Thanks a lot.

Thank you very much. I like that website.