Language Reactor - New Valuable Content Resource Worth It's Own Post - Formerly Language Learning with Netflix. It used to be a plugin as many people probably already knew. They upgraded the service into a full blown website and added really well organized catalogues for Netflix and Youtube based on the language you are learning for many languages. You can also filter by country for Netflix in case you are more interested in a specific country’s dialect.

One more big detail, they made a “Turtle TV” catalogue which they organized tons of videos of 7 languages (English, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish) into 10 levels of difficulty. This is a gold mine for organized comprehensible input for all levels. Best of all, it’s free.

That’s all. Enjoy!


I noticed some weird naming when I was using the plugin on youtube the other day. That must explain it.

This looks awesome! Thanks for the link!

It would be great if the videos on lingQ incoporate language reactor.

It would be even better if LingQ had it’s own plugin like language reactor allowing us to LingQ/Mark Known Words on Youtube/Netflix subtitles without needing to import them into LingQ which would save a lot of time. For now I have to use LingQ side by side and it’s a hassle or else I just have to read through the subs on LingQ first and then watch the video with Language Reactor after or vice versa

LingQ should consider acquiring Language Reactor. I love being able to import things into LIngQ for sure, but I think it would be great to be able to use LingQ outside of the platform for some visual novelty. The LingQ interface is nicer in 5.0 for sure. However, I do get bored of looking at it sometimes.

A hostile takeover!

I need lingq to incorporate language reactor into itself.

I just tried a Chatbot AI on language reactor. I am hoping we will have the same here soon.