Language New Years Resolutions

I am normally not one to make new years resolutions because I don’t really believe they work too well. For example, if you are not already into working out and being healthy, there is not enough motivation or enjoyment in just the start of a new year to keep you going to the gym every day. A challenge needs depth and purpose that goes deeper than buying a new calendar. However, I do believe that if you have that other motivation, that drive to be the best you can be whether it be in fitness or languages, new years resolutions can give you the jump start you need to make it happen.

This year as far as languages go, I have made three resolutions for my levels in my languages.

  1. Fluent in Spanish (C1)
  2. Conversational in French (B2)
  3. Intermediate (B1) in another language (haven’t decided the language yet)

To reach these goals I have some other more specific goals in mind for each language.
For Spanish I want to:
Read 1.75 million words
Read 20 books
Listen to 750 hours of Spanish
Get 30,000 known words

For French I want to:
Read 1 million words
Listen to 500 hours of French
Get 22,000 known words

And for my last language I want to:
Read 300 thousand words
Listen to 100 hours of the language
Get approximately 10,000 known words (depending on the language)

What are your goals? What are you hoping to achieve this year whether it be in language learning or another aspect of your life?

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Speak more. I was going to schedule my first Italki lesson today and get in the habit of speaking with a tutor at least once a week. Then I found out Italki is based in Hong Kong and my bank blocks transactions overseas. :frowning:

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^First step in an unfulfilled resolution :wink:

Reach 40k+ known words in Chinese
Be able to read a book without help from dictionaries, lingq etc
Reach 2000 hours of Chinese learning (currently at about 700)
Try to pass HSK6

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Try out Moses’s levelling up.

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My big language focus this year is Portuguese, since I’m moving to Portugal in two days! I already have an OK level of Brazilian Portuguese (pre-int - int), so my goals this year are to improve in general and to ‘convert’ my Portuguese to European. In concrete LingQ terms, I’m currently at ~7500 known words, but I’m not sure if this is an accurate gauge or not, because I started learning Portuguese outside LingQ many years ago. I’m setting quarterly goals in general, so my first quarter goal is to be at 12,000 known words. My current end-of-year goal is 20,000 known words, but that may need adjusting as the year progresses!

Read two Comédies humaines - That of Balzac and that of Proust (À la recherche du temps perdu),
Maybe Finally get around to taking a C1 test

August or September - Pass the B1 test.
December - Pass the B2 test.

Overall: Learn how to balance my reading in my three languages, not always focus all the time on one.

Maybe towards the end of the year I’ll get back that background of Latin I got during my undergraduate and try to sink my teeth into some real Roman writing.

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@jungleboy, Muito bom saber que você está aprendendo português. Tenho certeza que em breve você estará falando muito bem. Boa sorte e bons estudos.

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Nice goals!!!

My language new years resolutions:

I’m going Italy in october and I would like to have at least C1 to C2 level, since I have been listening and reading italian for fun and love this language i’m sure i’ll get there enjoying the process.

Read 1.5 million words
Read Steve book.
Listen to 500 hours of Italian, January 2017/01/01 to September 2017/09/30.
Get 15,000 known words.

Good luck folks.

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Good luck on those goals.

As with the past few years, I’ve normally been all over the place with languages (last year alone studied 5 different ones, to which I did build a decent base in).

However, this year I plan to continue enjoying my current languages while adding one.
I’m already fluent in French and Spanish but would like continuing enjoying them, so I will be doing more leisure activities in them.

Also going to add in Russian, slowly starting off with only 5 minutes a day, then slowly building up to one hour or more by the end of the year.

Also would like to polish up my Portuguese which is pretty rusty since I haven’t used it in a few months.

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Muito obrigado, você é muito simpatico. O problema e que gosto os sons de português do Brasil muito mais do que português de Portugal, e neste momento tenho dificuldades entendendo os portugueses. Mas tenho que adaptar a português europeu. Vamos ver!

I want to add English speaking lessons to my program. Here is my language learning goals:

Being fluent in English
Maintain my German
Learn Spanish or Russian (B1-B2 Level in Spanish or B1 Level in Russian, haven’t decided yet)

Goals according to Lingq System

Read at least 1.5 million words and have over 50.000 known words.
If I can find a job and make money, I want to talk at least 5 hours per month in English on Skype etc.

Read at least 250.000 words and have 20.000 known words
Listen to 200 hours of Spanish
Again, if I can find a job and make money, I want to talk at least 2-3 hours per month in Spanish. (after I feel confident in the language)

Guys, you all going very hard!!!
My big language focus this year is do not lost motivation and keep learn English. I lost motivation not one time in my life, but now I am 45 years old and do not have time for one loss.
Now I am here about 3 month and going forward. I have teacher to speak, I speak 2h per week, its really good. I feel more better then 3 month ago. I started to read books in English.
Yeah, my goals not that big like yours, but… you know. :slight_smile:


Hi, you could do an English-Turkish exchange on italki, etc if you can find a native English speaker who wants to practice Turkish. Then it won’t cost you anything.

Complete my 100 weeks of learning French, that I started last year. Reach 50,000 known words, at least 750 hours of listening and 50 hours of speaking. And over the next 6 months write every day in French, building from ~20 words a day to a few hundred by June. On y va!


I am always very skeptical to all kinds of resolutions.
But I wish everyone good luck in 2017!
Just enjoy your language study and be happy!


I suppose my main focus this year will be to continue with German. My understanding of grammar in romance languages is pretty good so I think I will maintain them and improving (expanding vocabulary) while my main focus is on German. Last year I made myself a promise that I would try to get started in German and build a good base or ditch it completely. By the end of the year I might add Russian or Japanese to the mix.

I’ve sent some requests and messages on italki abouth a month ago but I’ve not had any response since then. I guess, no one wants to learn Turkish.
I hope that conversationexchange will work better.


“What are your goals?”

To keep my goals to myself.

Telling someone your goals makes them less likely to happen.

Transcript in 58 languages.


B2 Spanish is my goal. That’s already functionally fluent. C1 is highly advanced, surpassed only by C2 which quite often some natives can’t replicate. I think you’re selling yourself short, or you have a very high standard (which is great).

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