Language lovers, what do you call yourself: Linguaphile or Polyglot (or something else)

As a lover (and learner) of languages, I often struggle with what to call myself and other fans of languages. Also, I’m a bit of a language geek, so although I prefer the word “linguaphile”, I don’t like that it mixes Latin (lingua) and Greek (phile) in the same word, and the purely Greek “glottophile” sounds a bit weird to me, as does Plain English “tongue lover” :grimacing: :crazy_face:

“Multilingual” maybe? But I’m really only bilingual.

So what do you folks call yourselves in relation to your love of languages and learning languages, and how do you refer to other language lovers and language learners?

I call myself language nerd :nerd_face:


I use Polyglot as a nickname. Someone else on Twitch also used to do that, now she uses LottaGlots… I’d say, just call yourself bilingual. And if you learn a new language trilingual, quadrilingual. It only starts to become confusing beyond that point.

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