Language learning with Netflix LingQ suggestion

I’ve lately been using a chrome extension called Language Learning with Netflix which lets you have two subtitles and hover over word translations with pause. It also gives you furigana for Japanese subtitles.
It’s really good and I really recommend it.
Netflix in particular has so much international content that it’s amazing for language learning and entertainment.

Today I was randomly thinking that LingQ could probably get many new customers if it had something similar.

It would work something like this:
Say you are learning Spanish, then by using a LingQ extension you could put on a show in Spanish with Spanish and English subtitles, and import your LingQ words onto the Spanish subtitles in Netflix. Then, for example, if there are blue or yellow words in a sentence, it would automatically pause Netflix at the end of the text, and you could then save the word(s) to your LingQ account.

I’m not a software engineer so I don’t know how hard this would be to do.
Just randomly thought of it so I thought I would share it.



I use the same extension and it is fantastic. I think technically speaking might be much more challenging.

The Netflix extension does this itself so it’s probably better just to use their feature rather than try to merge two incompatible systems

i was thinking the exact same thing, and with learning language with youtube, if they basically combined the two it be amazing