Language Learning Routine

New Language learners myself included may or may not struggle with coming up with a routine for their language learning.

this is what my routine looks like

Work / 9-5 Mon - Fri

25 minuets reading before work

13 mins reading ( break )

25 mins reading ( Lunch )

13 mins last bit of reading ( break )

15 mins reading when home

Total - 1.5 hours of reading.

Listening 1 hour before bed Netflix / Youtube ( usually before 10 o’clock )

In total I study Spanish for 2.5 hours a day Mon - Fri

Hope this helps new language learners.


Sounds good! Do you have a commute to work that you could use to get in some more listening?

So I am quite lucky and live very close to work so there are weeks when I do walk to work which takes me about 15-20 minuets so when I walk to and from work I will listen to some Spanish on my commute.

( not sure if its helping me or not but input is still input )

Yesterday I went to the doctors was 30 min drive there and back the whole time I was listening to my Spanish so before 9 oclock I had already completed my target of 1 hour of listening.

Im also trying to learn spanish and have a bit of commuting to do , care to tell me what you listen to? :smiley: Thanks

what I would advise as your level is the lesson you complete, save the audio and just have them on play or repeat when you are commuting too and from work.