Language learning order for easier learning

So say in the next 5 years I want to learn to speak 2 Romance languages’ French and Italian; a Slavic, Russian and an Asian, say Chinese.

I understand that as I speak English as a native, it’ll be easiest to learn for example French, which will follow nicely onto Italian.

From there I would have the language learning experience to attempt a more difficult language like Russian and eventually to N even harder one like Chinese.

To me this seems logical but is it in practise this linear? Would this particular sequence work the best way to decrease time of learning as a whole or is there a better order or does it in fact not matter?

Just something I’ve been thinking about recently, what are your thoughts?

Learn Esperanto first. Many studies prove it speeds up and increases chances of success of subsequent langauages.

See Ted talk or web site of “Springboard to Languages”.

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Never try to learn two closely-related languages at the same time. Chinese is probably not ‘harder’ but it its vocabulary is very different from English and, of course, so is the writing system.

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