Language learning is so fun and awesome

this is not a question thread, rather an expression of happiness. Language learning when done correctly is an easy, fun and rewarding process and if it’s not YOURE DOING IT FRIGGIN WRONG! Today I saw a trailer for a japanese movie and while I didn’t understand much, it was no longer gibberish - I could tell were most words began and ended, I could recognize many parts of words, especially the word endings so I could tell the “roles” or general types of words even if I didn’t know them per say and of course I recognized words here and there. I still haven’t “cracked the camels back”, as (I think Crashen or someone put it), that is the point where you understand most of it or the general gist of most conversations, but now even when I hear japanese that I don’t know it no longer scares me and feels so homely and familiar, and what’s more learning it is sooo rewarding.

We don’t know the correctly way to learn a language. We learn with everything which comes to us. Sometimes it’s fun but there are moments you feel that you are just wasting you time. I mean you get bored. But if you have a motivation behind your desire to learn a language you’ll go far.

I think schools make language learning hard. So It’s make me scare to learn for many years.

We try to make it easy here! If something is hard, please ask here for help.

Help me to overcome my laziness. Please.

Anyone heard about Learning Reluctance Disoder (LRD)?

Me! I used to get angry at textbooks and would argue with them that I didn’t have to learn these stupid things… Last year I even got mad at LingQ for being there and wanting to make me learn Russian.

Unfortunately, I just too lazy at the moment to want to help you overcome your laziness.

The Americans have a very good trait: not to give up. We all have ups and downs in our life, but we haven’t to lose the hope and our desire. It’s important for all and also for studying languages.
Enjoy the level that you have, but try to improve it - step by step. The magic is in the way, not in the result. But in any case: success begets success.

I have tried to overcome my laziness by setting reachable goals - basically I was motivated, wanted to learn the language(s), but didn’t do enough or work regularly enough to make progress. So I started by planning to use at least the flashcards for the 25 “most important LingQs” on the Lessons page and save at least 5, 10 or 20 new LingQs every day and then I noticed that I could actually do more than what I had planned, and if not, I could easily make up for that on the following day.
When time is short though I have to reduce my goals even further to stop them from being a cause for frustration. Sometimes reading old content that I once found so difficult is enough to show me that I have actually made progress.

Language learning has, indeed, also become a great source of fun and joy for me. I found this site last September and have been working on German on a daily basis since then. My goal is to listen to at least 1 hour per day of spoken German. For this I use my ipod. I hook my ipod to some small external speakers and start my day listening to German as I shower. I continue thru breakfast and my short drive to work. I listen again while eating lunch and again on my drive home. Additional listening in the evening combined with reading and LingQ ing. As I read articles, books, etc that I was unable to understand last September, and now find them, on the whole, at least understandable and some even completely easy. I am overjoyed at the progress I have made. Now starts the vocalizing. So far it has been great fun!