Language Learning Communities and Social Media - Steve Kaufmann

Social media is often justifiably criticized for raising the temperature of disagreements between people and spreading misinformation. Yet it can also bring people together from all over the world, around subjects of common interest, like language learning and books.

Hi, thanks for sharing that video with us. I agreed with you that social media is the best platform to learn a lot of things and also it has some disadvantages too. It depends upon you how you want to use it. I use it to learn and also I made a lot of friends with the help of social media. I also found the Get Help from Nursing Research Paper Writing Service - site link on social media because I need the nursing paper writers to help me with my assignments. I mostly use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, And LinkedIn.

Learning any kind of programming language is not an easy task for anyone because it required a lot of skills and study. When choosing you need to be aware of the content and reviews available for the study and it can be helpful for learning easily.

I have about 8000 people seeking to learn Greek in a Facebook group.
I’ve mentioned LingQ and I’m open to people demonstrating it for Greek; or offers.