Language Learning Challenge with 100 LingQ Users

Thank you to our 100 LingQ Users for joining today’s Zoom call with Steve! We had a blast meeting you, seeing your faces, and hearing your questions.

As we kick off the 90-day Challenge, we invite all users who participate to follow this thread. Here we can stay in touch and continue supporting one another throughout the challenge.

Make sure you’ve signed up for a Challenge and set your Daily LingQ Goal! Remember to challenge yourself - you have support from the rest of the Community if needed.

We’ll be sure to answer the questions that didn’t get answered on today’s call in later sessions. This week we will release a schedule so you can plan ahead. Thanks again for bringing your energy today. Until next week - happy LingQing!


It was a cool concept, and definitely could have been longer. I look forward to more.

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The session went well today and I very much liked talking with other folks, but it was very short. I feel like we barely got to know each other in the breakout session before it was over. If we do again, I recommend at least 1.5 to 2 hours. Alternatively, maybe instead of bringing it back to Steve at the end of the breakout sessions, you just leave them open ended. The participants just leave when they are ready.


It was a great concept. I have a specific task in hand, I am new to LingQ. i need to give the TEF Test d’évaluation de français, for a specific requirement. I have about 9 months to prepare. I need a B2 in the exams My question is should I go for a purely academic programme to learn french or use Lingq as my daily driver. If anyone has any experience in this please help and is it possible to reach b2 in 9 months

Very cool online meetup, thank you.

I enjoyed hearing Steve and also participating in the mini group but 10 minutes fly very very quickly :smiley:

I’ve been learning German and that’s my challenge but I also wanted to wish the best of luck to Anthony and Sylvia that were part of my mini group, respectively studying German and French. thumbs up

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Keep it coming. This is the first time we’ve done this and we will be adapting as we go to best suit you all.

We will make breakout rooms longer this time. There are two main purposes of these calls:

  • For LingQ users to engage with one another and get to make some real friendships, especially for external motivation throughout the Challenge
  • For LingQ users to get to ask questions of Steve and the LingQ team and get real-time answers

We will do a call every week which means we can’t make them extremely long, as our time is limited. But we learned a lot from the first call and we love your feedback, so they will continue to get better!

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Do you have any experience in French so far? Ultimately it is up to you to dedicate yourself. I think achieving B2 in 9 months is possible but it will require discipline. You’ll need to practice substantially every day. I’d use LingQ and also hire a tutor through our tutors page so you get reading, speaking and listening practice. Also use the Writing Exchange. You should fully immerse yourself in the language for at least one hour every day, maybe 90-120 minutes even.

Your activity school is insane! Wow!

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Thanks for the reply Shelbina, I am a beginner started out about 45 days back. i do give 3-4 hours everyday to french. Just stumbled upon LingQ. I do follow your videos with Steve gives me a starting point. I dont know if you would know anyone who could help me set a learning routine for me. i can spare 4-5 hours a day for this as it is very important for me crack this

If I was you, I would read and listen for 3 hours daily. Write for 30 minutes. Speak for one hour.


Thanks to everyone who joined Jahrine and me today. Excellent questions! I will post the questions we didn’t get a chance to answer in this thread along with my responses.

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Gerard Feeney asked: i love lingq but still don’t understand the point of just creating a huge number of lingqs that you can never meaningfully review

You need to strike a balance between creating LingQs and reviewing them. You should be constantly turning LingQs into Known Words as well as creating new LingQs. If a word is common enough, it will appear again and again as you read more. You will not remember every word you LingQ, and you will not need to meaningfully review each LingQ. As you continue reading and listening to lessons, the important words will become solidified in your mind, while less common words will take longer to learn. You will get there as you keep spending time with the language. Also, experiment with tagging LingQs so that you can review words by lists that you create when you do your Vocabulary review.

Natalia Bayurova asked: I joined 90-day challenge through email link, but I cannot see a way to join such challenges on my linq app, and the fact that I joined through email is not reflected on my app and there’s no way to track it in the app. what am I doing wrong?!..

Click the “More” icon in the bottom right corner of the app. Then click Challenges. Here, you can see many Challenges that you can sign up for, as well as the ones you already signed up for. Click on any of them to see your progress, your ranking, the leaderboards, and more.

Declan Godfrey: Should we input speaking and writing ourselves, in the statistics section, from what we’ve done externally from LingQ?


Valdeci Luiz Silva: What can I do if my comprehension is low down when someone is speaking to me.

This is why we emphasize reading and listening in LingQ. If you don’t understand what someone says to you, there is not a lot you can do or say except for, “I’m sorry, please repeat,” or, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand.” At least if you can comprehend, you can use gestures and broken language to respond. Don’t focus too much on speaking at first and get comfortable comprehending. Listen and read every day for at least an hour.

philippe jallot: We had a question, are there ways on LingQ where we can talk together in one language: English, Chinese community?

You are welcome to create a forum thread for this topic if there is not already one! You can also connect with a LingQ tutor: Login - LingQ

emmascott: How did you get the slider to change the level on lingQ?

Click on the levels in the Library and you will be able to adjust them.

KATHRYN JORDAN: I struggle to import a series like the Easy Greek or Easy French. It says: Error! Importing Failed, No captions found? not sure how to fix this?

You need to have closed captioning on the Youtube video before clicking import. Otherwise, it will fail.

Keith Garrett: I joined a 90 day. Can you direct me to the rules for the challenge? For example, if we miss a day, but do not have 5000 coins to repair, are we disqualified? Are where are the 90 day objectives? Thanks

There are no “rules” - your progress is tracked by LingQ automatically. The goal is to keep your streak alive for 90 days. You are not disqualified if you miss a day, but you will be set back in your progress. Your ranking is based on coins, which you earn through practicing. So come back the next day and keep working hard and you can repair any setback. You just may need to work extra hard the next day!

Hello Ma’am, Can you please give me tips to speak English confidently.