Language Learning Activities in your target language- deriving more value for your time?

Hello Guys,
With the advent of Internet now we are living in a very fortunate time when it comes to finding contents related to language learning even though on the positive side we are not shelling out a lot of money from our pocket, however, on the negative side, we are bombarded with a lot of options. Having said that, if you are venturing out on a language learning journey in your target language, have 4-5 hours to spend in a day and would like to derive the most value out of these contents in order to progress quickly. Presumably, if you were a beginner and starting it off right from ground zero. How would you like to split your available time for language learning activities?

  1. Reading and Listening to different contents and looking up unknown words at Lingq.
  2. Listening to an audio book
  3. Listening to a radio play
  4. Reading bilingual books
  5. Watching TV series
  6. Listening to a Radio channel
  7. Simply reading books/websites
  8. Listening to podcasts
  9. Writing/Texting
  10. Speaking at Italki or another speaking platform.

It’s a good question and I guess many here are trying to find the best thing to do with the time they have.

4-5 hrs per day are a lot. For example, I struggle with focus and can’t concentrate too much in a language that’s difficult for me, like German in this case.

With that amount of time, I think you’re mind needs to change resources and go from more difficult to easier and jump from one resource to another.

I would avoid too difficult things like: radio, TV, podcasts, audiobook.
To be effective you need to engage with material that you can recognise, and at the beginning is harder.

Below some ideas:

LingQ (reading, listening and speaking what you read and listen)
grammar book in your language (to have a feeling of the language, not to get stuck)
youtube videos in your language that teach the language you want to learn (to keep having a feeling of your language)
Anki, or similar flashcards, with cloze deletion, to remember some grammar rule or structure you want to remember
writing in that language as soon as you can (exchanging partners)
italki or similar as soon as you have enough vocabulary (I don’t believe in baby learning style but a parallel language partner could be useful)
inspirational stuff on the country or culture you are approaching to keep you engage, doesn’t matter in which language you listen to this.

These are some ideas I came up with and that I’m using myself. I hope it helps.

That is a very good piece of advice. Changing resources and all. I am thinking about spending more time on Linq and working my way up gradually. Thanks