Language Exchange

Hi my name is Josh i want to learn Mandarin, Add me on Skype Joshua.McGinnity and we can exchange mandarin for English :smiley:

You can also call me on Skype and just talk to help improve your english. I will be happy to talk to anyone from around the globe, with all different languages.

你好Hi Josh, How are you doing. I have added you as my friend on lingQ. I’m a college student comes from China. I’d like to help with your chinese-mandarin. We can do language exchanges via Skype. You can skype or email with me , That’s a better way to connect me. Hope talk to you soon!
Sype Name:perfectliumao


Hi i’m a Portuguese native
i want to improve my english
i want a exchange of english native people

my Skype: ricardo.costa.silva

I like this site much -
Also, But for me interpals is the best.
Maybe it helps for anyone