Language Exchange Partner

Other than booking a tutor, is it possible to find a language exchange partner (in my case English- European Portuguese) with whom to have regular real time conversations via Zoom or FaceTime to help each other improve. I have an intermediate understanding of Portuguese and a knowledge of language learning in general and am more than willing to help someone with English in exchange for the opportunity to speak Portuguese.

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There is an app called HelloTalk where you can find a language partner.

I used a website called and found a wonderful language partner. It took a few tries but I found someone fantastic in short order. The website seems a little sketchy but it is fine. I just looked at it and seems like they’ve upgraded it since I was there.

I paid for a month or two there. It works better if you pay. It’s very inexpensive.

It was a little clunky to use at the time and we quickly switched to HelloTalk for ongoing communication.

HelloTalk also lets you find language partners directly. I am a little old fashioned and preferred mylanguageexchange for the finding part.

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Thank you. I will give it a try. It would be a great feature to add to LingQ, too.

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