Lagging after changing the status of a word


when I change the status of a known word (1-4), I can’t do anything else until “examples” and “ask tutor” on the right are loaded. With “cant do anything else” I literally mean nothing (no scrolling, jumping to the next word etc.) - and the loading process is painfully slow.

I have noticed this for a very long time, and it is by a clear mile the most annoying thing about reading on the website.

@Domas - Thanks for the heads up on this. I see there can sometimes be slowness when changing the status of a LingQ. Let us take a closer look into this and see what we can do to speed this up!

Thanks for your reply.

The slowness is not sometimes but all the time.

In the past, I used to go through new words, lingqing them really fast and then I began to read the text and changing the words according to my knowledge of them without any delay. But since you’re doing updates all the time, making the site more colorful and whatnot, reading on lingq became a real pain and I’m loosing interest in using it all. What happened?

This week it will be 4 weeks since I have troubles using lingq and nothing happened.

Tripling your server capacity would be a good start. I thought I’d LingQ a lesson jsut now… but after 5 minutes of “click… wait… cilck… wait” I have the urge to tear my eyeballs out.

You should try the app. It takes 30 seconds for the app to update the list of courses. All it’s doing is downloading a short list of course titles and images, but it takes long enough that you could probably download the mp3s for every single lesson in each course in that time.

@Domas - Hmm. I did some testing here and did find some lag when trying to move through LingQs quickly and updating the status, but it only seemed to be the case when moving quickly through them. It would be helpful if you would record a screencast of yourself experiencing this lag, as it might give a better indication of how we can reproduce this and if it’s related to the speed at which you’re moving through LingQs. To record a screencast, you can use a free program like Jing (Screen Capture Software | Snagit | TechSmith), then just post a link to the video here.

@spatterson - We migrated to some new servers late last week which should have helped performance in some regards. We’re continuing to work on this and performance is still our number one priority.

How can I post a video?

It’s possible to move quickly through known words, the problem only occurs when changing the status of a word before switching to the next.

Some thoughts:

  • Does one really need instant examples and “ask a tutor” for every single lingq? What about a shortcut and then a search is started?
  • Why is the “known words”-counter on top of the page updated in real time? You can’t even see the counter if you scroll down a bit.
  • Shortcuts for changing the status of a lingq.

Domas is right! After changing the status of a LingQ, the cursor icon gets stuck and it takes several seconds before I am able to click on anything again. It is really annoying.

“Incorrect hint removed. Please choose a new hint.”


@Domas - RE “Incorrect hint removed. Please choose a new hint.”

We have taken a closer look into that recently. Now we are trying to be extremely careful when deciding which hints should be removed. However, if a hint has been removed before we adjusted our approach, it can show this message now. Please edit your hint. Sorry for the inconvenience. It should be working better now.

@Domas - If you download Jing (linked above), you can record a video screencast. The app is pretty easy to use, and is actually pretty handy for sharing screenshots and screencasts with others!

In the meantime, we are working on some updates to the minimized view, and once those are complete we’ll be spending some time dealing with other smaller issues on the Lesson page.

I get lag too, not with changing status, but just 'K’ing known blue words. It starts out reasonably fast, but the lag builds up and after a while it takes a few seconds to bring the focus to the next blue word. It does slow down reading a lot :(.


I won’t do a video of me using the site since everything is just unbearably slow now: creating lingqs, changing the status, marking as known, marking as ignore. On chrome, firefox, internet explorer and using different internet connections and workstations.

Are you going to fix these performance problems till June? That would make more than 2 months where I couldn’t use lingq the way I used to. And it USED to work quite well until all your great updates.

I really like lingq but it just doesn’t work anymore, now it literally got unuseable.

@Domas - it is on our priority list. Our team is looking into it now figuring out what slows the site down and how we can improve its performance. Sorry for the trouble with this.

Great work guys, reading on lingq is pleasant again!