La Reine des neiges

Hello everyone! I’ve got a question here. I want to watch the Disney’s movie ‘Frozen’ in french with french subtitles. I have the movie, but I don’t have the subtitles. I’ve been searching through the Net for hours trying to find ones, but they are all incorrect. I don’t know why, but every single subtitles I downloaded had the different things written to what I can hear in the movie itself(maybe with the same meaning). I am sure, that it’s not because my listening isn’t good enough.
So, I’ve come upon several solutions for this problem:
1)If anyone knows where to find the CORRECT subs, i would be more than happy
2)If anyone owns a DVD or whatever copy of the movie can you check if in the menu there is french language and french subs? Then I’ll just download it from wherever you have.
3)If anyone knows just where to buy the copy (on the Net of course) where there will guaranteed be french language and subs.

Thank you very much for reading it, and thank you even more if you can help.