"La ciudad de las bestias" is not complete

In Spanish content "La ciudad de las besties is not complete. Atleast as far as I can tell it seems to end midway. Why is that and is the end available somewhere? Tried searching, but this tittle only gave what I had read. It would be nice to finish it. Is the complete book in some other language which I now have to learn to finish it? :sweat_smile:

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Yes, I noticed that too! Only about 1/2 of the book has been imported. I think whoever imported it just didn’t finish. I found a translation of the book in English at the library and finished it in English. (Which kind of defeats the purpose, but I was curious how it ended.)

I noticed that too, but it’s an issue with a lot of books in LingQ. The users upload the material and can decide to make it public (shared) but they don’t always have the time or energy to finish what they start. I usually finish what I start when I upload stuff, but once I gave up about 3 chapters in, because the text I got from the PDF file had so many mistakes I needed to correct.

Sometimes you can view the course info or lesson info in order to find the text and sound on the internet and upload the rest of the lessons, but it then has to be in a new course, since you can’t edit other people’s courses.

Here you go:

Youtube audio:


Thank you. I do appriciate people uploading and dind’t mean to complain about that. Just feel like there could be a clear sign if something is not complete like there is if something has been adapted. Then you could try to solve that before getting committed.

Of course it’s frustrating when you have incomplete books and stories in here but there is no way to control this because these are added by the users, who may leave LingQ or just not feel like adding more etc. Even if there were a rule saying users had to label unfinished works, there is no way to make sure they’d all know or respect it.