L2>L1 reading habits?!

From reading Japanese, my slow reading habits(eg: voicing in head, reading in words rather than chunks…) transferred over to English for some reason. Having to read certain things in English has become a chore for a while now as a result.

Does this happen to anyone else?

How fascinating!

I tend to have interference of languages in the spoken word, certainly at the beginning and later when I am tired or under some kind of pressure.

Perhaps your brain is reacting in a similar way to the task of deciphering marks on paper? Might it be looking for complicated patterns in English now, too? In other words, is ordinary writing too boring for your new neural paths? Now that your brain has learned to decipher complex writing, the old ways may not provide the mental gymnastics you are by now used to…

I have found the opposite. BEcause I find japanese kanji essentially a different sort of challenge, I look for meaning at the expense of vocalisation when reading it. This has tranferred to my English reading and made it quicker, I think,

If I were you, I’d take advantage of my new-found concentration and read some really thick philosophy.

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Ha!That’s a killer idea!

I don’t remember ever reading English this slowly though. I’m looking to regain my old reading habits 'cuz my patience for reading English is low in comparison to Japanese. What I read in English nowadays isn’t any more complicated than it ever was for a long time.

This funny accident made me stumble into things I’ve never thought about.