Kurdish Kurmanji: Ministories are ready?

Hello guys, I have my first Kurmanji lesson this week and I noticed that apparently all the 60 Ministories are already translated.

Does someone know if these translations are already proof-read or if something is missing?

Oh my God, what?! I sent an email the other day asking if there were any plans to add Kurdish (Kurmanji) to the site and was told there were no plans currently. When I asked for more information as to how to go about getting it added (on his YouTube channel Steve makes it seem like they’re always willing to add new languages, as long as a certain process is followed, and advises to get in touch if you’re able to provide translations in new languages). My partner is Kurdish and so I advised I have someone who could do the Mini-Story translations, and I was given a bit of a ‘blow off’ response, like they weren’t really interested.

So to see this is very interesting… and confusing.

I would absolutely love to get access to this… is that possible?

Ah, is this a community activity rather than an official LingQ activity? Something perhaps that LingQ are unaware of?

To my knowledge, and please correct me if I am wrong, the ‘initial translation’ referred to on that project is just a machine translated version of the mini-stories. The idea is to get a native-speaker to correct these machine translations instead of writing them from scratch to save money.

Seeing that Kurmanji does not have a designated editor/volunteer to record, I doubt (unfortunately) that LingQ is at all close to releasing it.

I also asked but from the kind answer Sarah gave me I wouldn’t deduce that LingQ is in any way repulsive to adding Kurmanji. It is just in the hands of the community. If we get the corrections of the 60 Ministories, the corresponding recordings and a grammar guide, there shouldn’t be so much more constraints.


This is a possible way to handle it but the initial translation can be done also by a “normal” native speaker.

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currently we don’t have any approved mini stories for Kurdish Kurmanji and these translations have not been sent to us. if anyone is interested or has someone native to help, you can contact me at sahra @ lingq .com. I can’t promise about adding the language soon because we are working on some other languages which are getting ready, but we can work on Kurmanji too for a proper time to add it. thank you!

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