Korean Tutor Available - Sun, Tues, Thurs

안녕하세요 여러분! 링큐에 새로 온 에릭 인데요

Nice to meet you all. I’m a native English speaker ready to do some tutoring in Korean. I’ll also be contributing a bit of content to help expand the Korean section. If you would like to get on Skype and chat quickly to make sure I am fluent enough that would be fine :). I have some group conversation slots setup for this weekend including a couple of weekdays next week. Let me know if there are some other times you are interested in.

안녕히 계십시오! 내일 참여하실 수 있으시면, 꼭 하시지요! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say that I finished a conversation with Eric just a bit ago and I really enjoyed it. He’s not a native Korean but his pronunciation is good and his knowledge of and ability in Korean are both excellent! I was definitely impressed, and I’ve signed up for one of the group conversations for this week (Thursday). I hope some of you will join me! :slight_smile:

I just saw this. Are you still hosting conversations ? I believe you are currently the only tutor for Korean speaking.

I am still hosting conversations. Myself and Alex meet a couple of times a week. Are you still in Korea? If so we could work out a time on weekends or (your time) weekdays in the mornings would be ok (as that is my nighttime the previous day here in the states).

yea I am still in korea, morning Korea time would work best probably. I did not see your skype information anywhere. I am aiming to be able have conversations in English and I have huge anxiety when speaking. So maybe hosting conversations like this will help me ease myself into it. :slight_smile:

skype: theexode

Sure I know how it is. I’ll get some times setup for Korean mornings. Look forward to chatting it up.

Hi Exchode,

I’d be interested in morning or early afternoon conversations. Anything up to 3pm Korean time (I currently teach in Korea as well). Please post some times for one on one conversations. I’d say I’m high beginner.

Thanks in advance!

*During the week

Yea, just let us know when you have conversations up! :slight_smile: I currently don’t see anything hosted in the conversation section.

Hi! Onji! This is Laura Kim and I found you are learning korean now! I’m really glad that a lot of people learning korean. I want to ask you about the tutoring. You kow, practing in that language is the most effectvie way to be improved, and i’m living in Canada now, so I can help you out in english too! I mean if you don’t understand the meaning in korean then I can explain to you really well in english Are you interested in? then please reply to me! Thank you!

Edwinchan and onji,

I just posted some times on Sunday and a few weekdays for next week that would reflect around 8am-12pm your time in Korea. Feel free to sign up for any of those for 15 or 30 minute sessions. If you would like to do a group conversation, including Alex we could put a 4 person group together later on. I know Alex has started to do 30 minute sessions, so it gives us a good amount of time to converse and also review. I like to provide you with feedback on things I take notes on about during our conversation, to teach you things that I would rather speak than type in the conversation report - but it’s up to you and whatever you feel comfortable with. When I first started learning Korean 30 minutes just about fried my brain…and this was in Korea! haha

Look forward to meeting you guys. Talk to you soon!