Korean starts, my challenge begins

I have started studying Korean. I am loving it. I have already created 185 LingQs. I am putting down the Korean challenge.
My challenge consists of two parts:

How many LingQs I can create in 6 months.
How much I can improve in Korean.

I figure that the first will take care of the second.

Other members may choose to shadow my challenge in other languages.

I hope your Korean studies aren’t causing you to neglect your Russian Steve. My Russian efforts won’t be as much fun if I actually succeed in catching you up :wink:

Are you doing Kyeong eun’s podcast already?

Helen, I cannot stay away from Russian but it will get squeezed a little. I also have not forgotten Portuguese since I will be in Portugal in October again.

Steven, I have done the two Who is She articles so I am plowing my way through Kyeong Eun’s podcast, with a lot of difficulty, but enjoying it. Like a jig-saw puzzle with a few pieces that I won’t find for months.

I was doing the challenge in Chinese challenge, but I just can’t stay away from Spanish, so I will be doing the challenge in Spanish, I already know 988 words and its growing, I am far behind your word count in Korean Steve, but I am starting from scratch, I can’t wait to see how far I can come in the 6 months, good luck to you Steve and I hope your Korean is outstanding by the end of the year.