Korean Conversations

I need someone who speaks English and Korean to help me with my Korean. Even if your English isn’t fluent. I’m trying to learn Korean by myself and it isn’t going to well.

My skype name is ashiechan1

That’s the best way to contact me as I’m always on.

Whether you’re a native English speaker who learned or is learning Korean or a native Korean speaker who learned or is learning English.

We can talk :slight_smile: I’ll add you on skype.

It wold be great if a native Korean speaker would offer conversations here at LingQ. I would sign up.

I know. I really want to learn Korean and a native speaker I think would be best to help me learn. Though anyone will do.

Ok Anno. :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to it.

오케이! 스카이프 아이디 추가했습니당

난 당신을 찾을 수가 없습니다. 내 힘으로 글을 쓰려하지만 아직 한국어 쓸 수 없습니다. 구글은 번역. 그것은 아름다운 일입니다. 이이 올바른지 경우에도 몰라 …

well im 2 months late, but it would be nice to have a few friends who are also learning korean :slight_smile:

Hello Justin , if you want to exchange language
I’ll add you on skype.

Sounds good, i Added you on skype as well.