Koine Greek Possible in the Future?

Any chance we might be able to get Koine Greek as a language in the future? There is another website doing something similar for Koine (biblingo.com), but their LingQ-style system isn’t as good as LingQ itself, and that aspect of the website isn’t really the main thing they are doing.

I’ve heard of people learning Koine on LingQ, but you really shouldn’t mix up Koine and modern Greek. They have different vocabulary and grammar… it would be awesome to have a separate language on the website. There are thousand and thousands of people learning Koine in seminary (etc.) and the Koine community would love to have a resource like this to use!


Thanks for your suggestion. We are open to add any language for which we get required content, news sources and the grammar guide. Koine Greek isn’t in plans at the moment, since we don’t have anything delivered for it and we already have some languages waiting in line for a while, but hopefully one day.

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Im about half way into the new testament. I use modern greek pronounciation but as for the definition for koine greek, I pull it from accordance app on my computer and type it on my ipad. I do about a chapter a day. the text of speech is off but it doesn’t bother me because I have the audio playing.

Interesting. So are you saying that you use LingQ for Koine content (the NT), just using the modern Greek LingQ module (Importing your own glosses from Accordance)? I don’t mind modern pronunciation… I use “reconstructed Koine” which is very similar to modern.

Thanks for the help! just out of curiosity, what is “the grammar guide”? News sources likely don’t exist, but most of the content that Koine learners would want to use are in the public domain (NT, LXX, other early church writings). I’m sure setting up a new language is a lot of work, but I guarantee you that you could find volunteers that would give their time to help get it done.

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yeah i uploaded the whole new testament up on lingQ. i did make it all available just have to hit the search and type the the english name of each book. Here is Matthew Conéctate - LingQ

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