Known words

I have been recently reading a few news articles in Spanish and does anyone else put the names of people involved in that article as known words? like names of places and first names and surnames?

I mean I do know the words so why not put them as known or do people ignore them?

I personally don’t put peoples names, places (unless they are exonyms (for example London is Londres in Spanish). One reasoning might be that names don’t have any meaning. Of course there might be some exepctions and names like Marcus and Alexander and so on might have a historical meaning. To my mind names are names they don’t really have any meaning and therefore it is pointless to mark them as known.

I ignore all proper nouns, numbers and foreign words but you’re free to set up your own rules to declare a word “known”.
For example in Russian (my current target language) I even ignore most words which are directly based on “international vocabulary” (e.g. philosophy schools, such as “stoicism”, historical periods, such as “renaissance”, scientific names of diseases, and so on)

An option I use is to check the word as known, but also “tag” words as “propernoun”, “numeral”, “notspanish”, etc. Then all you need to do is click on the tag to get the number of words in that category, and subtract that no. from your total word count if you wish. I tag every word as to word type, gender etc. It is great for reviewing lists of words with similar attributes.

thanks I think I am gonna go through my known words and filter out names of people and of course locations and I think it would be an unaccurate display of my known words

Nope, i never do. People’s names, product names, place names, acronyms etc i never count as a word.

Agreed with above. I ignore and exclude all names, numbers, etc. from word count and include words like Londres, Rusia, Estados Unidos, etc. These are actual spanish words with real meanings. I might do certain historical places or names if they mean something.