Known words removal

I seem to have imported a book into the wrong language, and since I clicked on ‘complete lesson’ all of the words have been moved to known and have horribly inflated my statistics (added around 800 words to a word count of originally 7000 words). I was wondering, is there any way of removing these words from my known words count?

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Sorry but that’s not possible. You will need to either go through that course and ignore all words, to remove them from Known words stats, or you can reset a language and start over.

I think it would be great to have a feature where LingQ would know to which language(s) a word belongs, but I know this would be extremely difficult and complicated to implement. The same sequence of letters can be a legit word in one context in one language and in another in another one, languages adapt words from other languages over time and so on. Furthermore, one could always argue how LingQ or any other language learning program is about learning, not measuring some stats like known words - although I get and share the desire to accurately register known words.